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Winter is fading away, and so we open again Haus Speier in April 2022. Sunday visitors are welcome on April 10 and 24. School classes are requested to register anytime on

We are happy to welcome you at Haus Speier!

Opening in September 2020

Taking into account that Angenrod in the 19th century had more than 40% Jewish inhabitants, the SpeierHaus as the last house in Jewish ownership until 2016 and the place where the last Angenrod Jews were isolated and deported in 1942, is of utmost significance.

The opening of the exhibition in September 2020 aimed to visualize the living and working together of Jews and Christians.

Pictures of the exhibition opening

Speierhaus as a Place of Learning and Experiencing

With pictograms on the exhibits and panels of the 15 platforms films and information can be viewed on pads which show Jews and Christians of the Vogelsberg area working together, next to each other or even against each other.

In a learning room on the upper floor there are six tables and 28 grey and blue stools in a relation of 40 to 60% – the proportion of Jewish as compared to Christian population in the 19th century.


Leuseler Straße 3
36304 Alsfeld-Angenrod

Planning your visit


March 1 until October 31
every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Groups are welcome anytime and requested to register in advance via email:


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